HI! My name is Lauren. I'm 22 going on 22. Native Texan, Noob New Yorker. Slave for music and football. Caffeine is my poison of choice. Running/working out keeps me sane. Read my stuff if you love hearing new music, talking about football, making fun of celebrities, or just random funny things. I talk about my life sometimes too, which has gotten a lot more interesting since I made a drastic move from Texas to New York to work for RED, a company inside of Sony Music Entertainment. laurenmclovin32's Profile Page -Lorr Torr


My Response to a Text Message Written by Amah

My friend Amah who lives in Austin sent me this crazy long text that asked me 8 questions about my life in New York. Since I only have 160 characters to type in a text, I figured it would be more efficient to answer her questions in my blog. Maybe some of my answers will interest you, maybe not. All I know is that Amah REALLY wants to know all of this lol. Here goes!

1. So what does a day in Lauren’s new life look like?

Let’s see, I wake up at 7:22am Monday to Friday (I have to wake up at weird times), but I usually get out of bed closer to 7:45am. I take a shower then grab a couple of granola bars and some crystal light energy (it has recently replaced that death drink,Red Bull). I then proceed to waste time by looking at my phone, reading stuff on twitter, and checking my Facebook and e-mail. I then rush out of my apartment  like a mad woman around 9:00 and catch the subway by 9:10-9:15. I usually make it to work around 9:40-9:45. 

My work day is pretty much dependent on how busy my boss, Bob, is. If he has a bunch of meetings that day, I usually don’t leave my desk unless I have to grab food that I ordered for one of his meetings. Oh yeah, I am the food ordering queen at RED. Every day I book at least one lunch or dinner meeting for Bob. The great part about it is that I usually get free lunch because Bob always tells me to order extra food for myself :). Definitely saves me A LOT of money!  In addition to being the catering queen, I answer all of Bob’s calls, schedule appointments, prepare expense reports, and type up confidential e-mails to from Bob to other executives at Sony. (I actually enjoy that part because I know some really awesome, but VERY sensitive information about potential deals for RED. Unfortunately, I can’t share this awesome information. Not even on here, sorry kids!). 

Oh, and I recently was asked by the online publicity department to do some research on Latin/World lifestyle sites. They want me to find contact information for the people that run these sites so RED can potentially run editorials on its Latin/World artists. I am pretty excited about this because this is my first music related task I have been assigned at RED!

Anyways, enough about boring work stuff. After work I just take the subway back home to Queens then, depending on what day of the week it is, I go to the gym or I watch TV/Netflix and drink beer lol. Before bed I usually talk to Preston then fall asleep around 12am-2am…yeah I know that’s late lol. I’ve realized I never wake up and go to sleep in the same day. Wake up one day, fall asleep the next day. Kind of weird to look at it that way! Anyways, I am rambling…on to the next question!

2. How do you get ready for work?

This question was kind of already answered. I try to have the same routine every morning:wake up, shower, breakfast, caffeine, screw around on the computer, realize that it’s already 8:30, dry my hair, straighten my hair, put on make up, realize it’s 9:00am, then put on whatever long sleeve shirt I have left in my closet and run out the door lol.

3. What do wear? Heels? Briefcase? 

Haha that would be hilarious if I was able to manage heels in New York. I also have no need for a briefcase. I would have nothing to put in it but my iPod, random receipts, and gum lol. I wear boots every day because they are the only nice shoes I own, and they are easy to walk in. I can just imagine falling down the subway stairs in my heels! Most people pack their heels in a bag and put them on once they get off the train. The office I work at is super casual so most people wear jeans, a dressy casual shirt, and flat shoes/boots. 

4. What do you eat for lunch?

Amah, why do you care about what I eat for lunch?! lol Actually, what I eat is not very exciting, but most of the time it is FREE! Like I said before, I usually get free lunch from Bob’s meetings, and anything free tastes good no matter what! I eat a lot of sandwiches and salads…sound familiar? Not too far from what I eat regularly! We also have bagels every Thursday morning, which definitely makes Thursday the best day of the week at RED!

5. What do you eat for dinner?

Chinese, chicken sandwiches, healthy choice meals (hey, they aren’t so bad for microwave food lol), salads, and more Chinese food. I did make a portabella veggie burger for dinner tonight though, which was pretty awesome!

6.  What tasks do you have?

See question 1. A couple of things I didn’t mention is that I am the office intern coordinator. This means that I handle intern scheduling in various departments and keep interns from making a mess out of their work stations. I just have to check on the kids every once in awhile to make sure they stay on their shit! The fun part is that I get to throw them a pizza party sometime during the semester! Yeah! haha

7. What time do you go to bed?

Too late! Working on getting to bed by midnight. I have failed that already today.

8. Do you walk to work?

Yes, and ride the subway to Manhattan. You can’t drive a car in this city without hitting monster traffic!

I left a couple questions out, but I already answered them in some of the questions on here. If you aren’t Amah, you probably stopped reading by now. I wasn’t expecting this post to be so long! 

Night Y’all!


MUSE - Feeling Good

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me…and I’m feeling good!

First Post of 2012!

This was supposed to be a post about my top 20 goals for 2012, but then my computer shut off. What a FAIL! I am not typing that crap again sooo I will just leave you with a picture of Ryan Gosling:

Good night!

Sooo I live in New York now.


I had the urge to start writing in this thing again since I just packed up and left 99% of my life in Texas in a matter of two weeks. I seriously feel like I fell asleep in Austin and woke up in New York the next day. That’s how quickly I feel like this has all happened! Moving to New York so suddenly is honestly the ballsiest (wow I didn’t get spell checked on that word) thing I have ever done, but I know it’s going to be totally worth it!

Life in NYC so far isn’t too wild. Right now I am sitting on Erica’s couch drinking a beer and watching the UCLA vs Oregon game. Not too much different from what I would normally be doing on a Friday night! The only difference is that I am chillin’ with a cat named Eko instead of Preston lol. As you can imagine, I don’t really know too many people in New York so my nights so far have consisted of hanging out on the couch (which is currently my bed) and walking/running around Queens.

Running in the city is actually really fun. I’ve never ran in the middle of a city before because the idea of running around a bunch of people walking down the street and waiting for crosswalks never appealed to me. However, if you run in a place like Queens, you don’t really have that problem. The area is pretty suburban, and there are a lot of quiet streets to run on that aren’t very busy. It’s also really cool running in a place you are new too because you get to see a lot of interesting stuff along the way. Plus, I feel like I run a lot faster in colder weather! I probably won’t be saying that in the next month or two though…

I love the weather, but I will probably hate it pretty soon. The majority of the first week I was here the temperature was in the 60’s, the same as Texas! It wasn’t until Wednesday that the temperature dropped to the 30’s/40’s. Still bearable though. I need to go on a major Target/Old Navy/Dollar Store shopping spree for scarves, hats, mittens, snow boots, whatever northern people wear haha. I totally feel under-dressed compared to most people I see walking around the city. I miss my flip flops already! 

Oh yeah, and my new job is AWESOME. I probably should have mentioned this part first since my job offer at RED is the whole reason why I am here in the first place!  My first week there was super chill because my boss aka the President of the company was out all week on a business trip in LA. I just went over all the basic parts of my job such as doing expense reports, scheduling meetings, making travel plans, etc. I know once Bob gets back I am going to be a lot busier, but I am pretty excited to start doing more stuff around the office. In addition to my random assistant stuff I have to do for Bob like making dinner reservations and RSVP’ing him for happy hour parties, I am going to get to do some social media stuff too! I’m pretty excited about that part of the job.

The people who work at RED are also super fun and extremely nice. So many people walked over to talk to me on my first day, which I thought was really cool. I think my story about being a ‘stache rep all the way from Austin intrigued quite a few people since people from out of state usually don’t get jobs there. I feel pretty DAMN lucky!

The office is sick too! It’s pretty awesome walking into an office every day that has platinum records and signed guitars all over the place. Don’t even get me started on Bob’s office with the signed Ringo Starr drum pad and a clear view of the Empire State Building!!

Anyways, I think I have written enough for now! Eko is also walking all over me while I am trying to type. haha, well I will try to keep all you people in TX updated on my life here in NYC as much as possible. I love and miss you all! Hopefully the next time I write in this thing I will have much cooler things to talk about. I completely forgot to talk about my crackhead craigslist experience, but I will go into that story on my “I finally found an apartment!” blog post….whenever that happens! haha, hopefully SOON!


This is Don Sugg. He is 97 years old. He went skydiving on September 21st for Alzheimer’s Action Day. Don is the definition of a B.A.M.F.
Want to be almost as cool as Don? Check out how you can support the Alzheimer’s Assocation and their mission to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease by clicking on the picture of Don! 
Photo Credit: twitter.com/assistancehc

This is Don Sugg. He is 97 years old. He went skydiving on September 21st for Alzheimer’s Action Day. Don is the definition of a B.A.M.F.

Want to be almost as cool as Don? Check out how you can support the Alzheimer’s Assocation and their mission to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease by clicking on the picture of Don! 

Photo Credit: twitter.com/assistancehc